The LHM Healthcare Group comprises a number of companies and services providing emergency and elective Healthcare services to the NHS since 2000.

We are a privately financed organization, working in partnership with our host NHS Hospital Trusts and the NHS England Specialised Commissioning Group to provide a regional service on behalf of the NHS, which covers London and the Southeast of England. We are registered with the  Care Quality Commission as an Independent Sector Provider.

Services at Whipps Cross University Hospital London are provided in partnership with the Barts Health Trust and in Great Yarmouth with the James Paget University Hospital Foundation Trust.

The Hyperbaric Unit at Whipps Cross University Hospital London is known as London Hyperbaric Medicine and at James Paget University Hospital as the East of England Hyperbaric Unit.

Our mission statement is;
To deliver safe high quality Hyperbaric and Wound Care, treatment, training and research in a timely cost effective and efficient manner by a highly motivated team of enthusiastic dedicated individuals working together in a pleasant environment for the benefit of the patient.

London Hyperbaric Medicine (Whipps Cross) and the East of England Hyperbaric Unit are both registered as Independent Healthcare Providers with the Care Quality Commission under the National Care Standards Act 2002, and satisfy all the provisions required for Independent Healthcare Facilities.