How To Refer A Patient

Emergency Referrals

Whipps Cross Hospital Hyperbaric Unit – London

Call the Hyperbaric Unit directly on: Tel. 07999 292 999 – 24/7/365
Referrals may also be made via the hospital Switchboard if necessary: 0208 539 5522

James Paget Hospital Hyperbaric Unit – Great Yarmouth

Call the Hyperbaric Unit Hotline on: Tel. 01493 603151 – 24/7/365
Referrals may also be made via the hospital Switchboard if necessary: 01493 452 452


Please contact the Duty Hyperbaric Physician, who will liaise with our Critical Care/Anesthetic consultants to coordinate the referral.

Download and complete the ‘Emergency ITU Referral‘ form linked at the top of this page and send this to the Duty Hyperbaric Consultant after speaking to them directly.

The Duty Hyperbaric Physician will liaise with the BartsHealth or James Paget ITU consultant to determine bed availability and suitability of the patient for treatment.

Elective Referrals

For all ELECTIVE REFERRALS, please call the Whipps Cross Hyperbaric Unit directly on 0208 539 1222 and speak to our Patient Administration Manager. The Duty physician at the James Paget Hyperbaric Unit can be contacted through the hospital swichboard on Tel. 01493 452 452. Our PAM will then connect you with one of our duty Hyperbaric physicians.

We will normally only accept consultant referrals and will request a formal referral letter to be sent to us by post or be faxed through to our team on Fax.: 0208 539 1333.

We will also require additional information from the patient’s GP before booking the appointment for an initial assessment. Appointments can normally be made within a few days, and, in the case of patients with non-healing problem wounds, we may arrange for a thorough wound-mapping assessment during the first visit.

LHM Healthcare is funded by NHS-England to provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an NHS service. Not all conditions may meet commissioning requirements, but decisions will now be made within days and treatment can normally proceed within a week.

Referring clinicians will not be required to fund any referrals out of their own hospital care budgets.
The treatment is normally fully funded by NHS England Specialised Services.


Transport arrangements will be discussed at the time of the patient’s initial assessment. Patients and referrers will be required to secure funding only for the patient’s transport to and from the Hyperbaric facility through the patient’s GP or Clinical Commissioning Group. The Hyperbaric Unit is not funded to provide transport for elective referrals.