The Registered Manager of the LHM Healthcare Group, operating at both Whipps Cross University Hospital  (Barts Health Trust) and James Paget University Hospital – Gorleston (Care Standards ACT 2002) is Mr Philip Sayers, BSc.  Mr. Sayers has been involved in the construction and management of clinical Hyperbaric facilities for over 20 years and has been Managing Director of  the LHM healthcare Group of companies since its establishment in November 2000.

Clinical services are provided by the Independent sector Provider London Wound Healing Centres/ LHM Healthcare, which is  registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The company operates under its own Clinical Governance arrangements, which are approved and regulated by the CQC. LHM Healthcare is attached to the BartsHealth Trust ‘Acute & Emergency Medicine’ Clinical Academic Group (CAG) and is linked to the dept. of Anaesthetics through its anaesthetic staff. The Assistant Director of Critical Care and Surgery is the liaison officer responsible for overseeing and monitoring the performance of the Department at Whipps Cross. At the James Paget University hospital, this duty falls to its Operations Manager Mr Andrew Fox.

Our Clinical lead, Caldicot Guardian and ‘Responsible Officer’ is Dr Pieter Bothma, a consultant in Anesthetics and Critical Care at the James Paget University Hospital.

As an independent Provider, we operate under our own company-specific clinical governance guidelines, but wherever suitable, we use both Trust’s clinical and operational policies for guidance.  And all members of staff are committed to a process of Continual Professional Development.

The service was well equipped and well maintained, with careful attention to all aspects of safety. The staff at the hyperbaric unit were compassionate and caring. The service was appropriately staffed with well qualified doctors, nurses and technical staff, and was responsive to patient’s individual needs. The clinical lead and registered manager provided a strong lead and team working was effective.