Hyperbaric Tunnelling

We can provide Hyperbaric Services to many projects where hyperbaric techniques are involved. We have specialist expertise with regard to Hyperbaric Medicine, Hyperbaric Tunnelling and Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) works.


Services we offer to TBM contractors:

  • Provision of Chamber attendants, TBM Lock operators and Hyperbaric supervisors for tunneling projects worldwide.
  • Development of protocols and safety procedures for Hyperbaric tunneling projects in accordance with Health& Safety guidelines.
  • Contract Medical Advisor services and Hyperbaric Physicians.
  • 24 hr Emergency Hyperbaric Medical Telephone cover for advice and emergencies.
  • Fitness to Work and Follow-up medicals for tunnelling workers
  • Trial of Pressure exposures for tunnelling workers
  • Medical Risk Assessments for Compressed Air projects
  • Establishment of Compression / Decompression Regimes and Techniques
  • Treatment and Management of Decompression Illness
  • First Aid at Work, tunnel safety inductions and other courses relevant to Hyperbaric tunneling.
  • Rental of containerized Therapy Chambers suitable for Compressed Air Tunneling Projects


LHM Pro – Containerized Treatment chamber for tunneling projects.  6-man twin-lock 2000mm diameter Draeger Therapy chamber (5.5 bar).

For a list of other Hyperbaric and medical services we provide please see our Homepage.

At LHM we have expertise in providing Hyperbaric, Diving and Medical services to the Military, Civil Engineers and Medical facilities going back 22 years.

Major projects we have been involved in:

CROSSRAIL (Thames-link) tunnel – 2013 and ongoing: Provision of Chamber attendants, supervisors , the Contract Medical Director and other medical personnel. Development of working-under pressure protocols and training procedures plus Pressure at Work medicals for all tunnel staff working for the Hochtief/Murphy group.

COPENHAGEN METRO – 2013 and ongoing: Provision of Medical lock attendants, chamber operators and Hyperbaric supervisors for the Italian tunneling contractor Seli.

4th TUBE of the ELBE TUNNEL in HAMBURG – 1998.  Design, supply and maintenance of Hyperbaric equipment and services to HOCHTIEF. This was  one of the largest Tunnel Boring machines (TBM) in the world at the time.

  • Design, manufacture and supply of large clinical Hyperbaric facilities to Universities in Düsseldorf, Halle, Regensburg – Germany.
  • Development, management and provision of Hyperbaric Oxygen Services for clinical Hyperbaric facilities at 2 NHS hospitals in the UK

For more information and inquiries, contact the Managing Director Adrian Heili at LHM Professional Services Ltd on 020 8558 1139 or 07723 066874.